Meditation: Taking Care of our Mental Health in Difficult Times


This is a copy of an email I sent to my staff last week. I thought this might benefit everyone. If you do, please distribute it amongst your own staff, family, and friends. One of my resolutions for 2020 was to meditate more. There are well-known benefits to meditation: It reduces stress and anxiety. It improves our general mood. There are (preliminary) evidence of reducing symptoms of depression...

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome: My Overly Qualified Take


Before you read – 1: I wrote this from the ‘syndrome’ angle. I draw many parallels between this and a ‘real’ disease. Of course, imposter syndrome is not a serious illness. Please remember these parallels are for demonstration and rhetoric purposes. Before you read – 2: I made a joke in the title. I am funny. Thank you. Before you read – 3: Wow, your...

Why We Spend Time We Don’t Have on Side Hustles


It’s the craziest thing. In my time in the tech industry, I have never heard of someone with time on their hands. We’re all busy. Our calendars are nuts. We all optimise our daily routine to be able to do more with less. And yet, pretty much everyone has this ‘one thing’ they do on the side. This one thing they enjoy tinkering with. This one thing they spend time on...


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