Content Strategy (Part 2): How to Research and Plan Your Content for Success


This is part two of three of my content strategy. You can find part one here. If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you do. By now, we have a wealth of ideas, keywords, and inspiration. Thanks to all the work we’ve done in the previous section, we can dip into the actual writing with confidence. Time to write! Yes? Nope. Research before writing Listen, here is the deal. I’m sure...

Content Strategy (Part 1): How to Find Unlimited Content Ideas


This article kicks off a 3-part series in which I share my entire content marketing strategy. Part two: How to Research and Plan Your Content for Success Part three: coming soon. Like most marketers with an intense focus on content, I have my own content strategy and process. The strategy below has helped me build a presence in some of the most competitive markets and niches, through content and...


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