Why We Spend Time We Don’t Have on Side Hustles


It’s the craziest thing. In my time in the tech industry, I have never heard of someone with time on their hands. We’re all busy. Our calendars are nuts. We all optimise our daily routine to be able to do more with less. And yet, pretty much everyone has this ‘one thing’ they do on the side. This one thing they enjoy tinkering with. This one thing they spend time on...

The Broke Solopreneur’s Growth Experiment Template


Running growth experiments is a strict process. It’s important to formalise your process before diving into one or multiple experiments. If you don’t, you may end up with completely irrelevant data, useless insights, or worse, no insight at all. If you are a startup or running solo on your growth team for now, chances are you can’t afford fancy software to help you out...

What’s the Point of all This?


Some of you crazy people might wonder ‘Gee, Alex, why are you starting a blog? A marketing blog? Really?’ To you, my friends, I write this post. Why I wanted to start writing The idea behind this blog is simple. In the last ten years or so, I have done a lot in the marketing world. I have launched businesses, failed more than I can count, sold a company, and more. I’ve learned a...

The Always-Awkward Introduction Post


Here’s the thing. I’ve probably started five personal blogs in my life. All unrelated to the others. All very different. All about something I was/am passionate about. There is nothing worse than the introduction post. I dislike writing it. I dislike reading it on other people’s blogs. But, it must be done. You guys need to have at least sort of an idea of who I am before you...


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