What’s the Point of all This?


Some of you crazy people might wonder ‘Gee, Alex, why are you starting a blog? A marketing blog? Really?’ To you, my friends, I write this post. Why I wanted to start writing The idea behind this blog is simple. In the last ten years or so, I have done a lot in the marketing world. I have launched businesses, failed more than I can count, sold a company, and more. I’ve learned a...

The Always-Awkward Introduction Post


Here’s the thing. I’ve probably started five personal blogs in my life. All unrelated to the others. All very different. All about something I was/am passionate about. There is nothing worse than the introduction post. I dislike writing it. I dislike reading it on other people’s blogs. But, it must be done. You guys need to have at least sort of an idea of who I am before you...


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