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Meditation: Taking Care of our Mental Health in Difficult Times


This is a copy of an email I sent to my staff last week. I thought this might benefit everyone. If you do, please distribute it amongst your own staff, family, and friends. One of my resolutions for 2020 was to meditate more. There are well-known benefits to meditation: It reduces stress and anxiety. It improves our general mood. There are (preliminary) evidence of reducing symptoms of depression...

Growth Experiment: Gary V’s $1.80 Instagram Strategy


Welcome to a new type of posts! I am going to use this format to start reporting on some of the growth marketing experiments I run. Hope you enjoy it — let me know in the comments! In some niches, growing an Instagram audience makes or breaks a business. Building a playbook for growing on the world’s 7th largest social media site is a worthwhile endeavour. There are many listicles...

2019, Year in Review


Another year, another review. Let’s shine a light on 2019 and see what happened. Work 2019 was a weird year. I managed to move away from managing projects (read my 2018 review) and get back to my marketing roots. It felt amazing to have a calendar (almost) free of meetings. It also felt great to be able to focus on marketing strategy and execution. It all also came with challenges...

My Life as a Simpsons Character


About four months ago, I decided I had had enough. I fired up my laptop and spent about 15min browsing a couple of the main every day (affordable) clothing websites. I settled on Zara. I bought ten white t-shirts, three pairs of black jeans, a pair of shoes, and four grey hoodies. Problem solved. What problem? I’ve more or less always thought of getting dressed as a massive pain in the ass...

Content Strategy (Part 2): How to Research and Plan Your Content for Success


This is part two of three of my content strategy. You can find part one here. If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you do. By now, we have a wealth of ideas, keywords, and inspiration. Thanks to all the work we’ve done in the previous section, we can dip into the actual writing with confidence. Time to write! Yes? Nope. Research before writing Listen, here is the deal. I’m sure...

Creating a Lead Scoring Model With HubSpot (and Validating it With R)


A reliable lead scoring model is a sales Holy Grail. Lead scoring allows you to know where each lead is within their journey from discovering your service to closing, at scale. Of course, the perfect lead scoring model doesn’t exist. All we can do as marketers is to create the closest thing to it, thanks to our knowledge of: our target audience, our marketing stack (the content you have out...

Content Strategy (Part 1): How to Find Unlimited Content Ideas


This article kicks off a 3-part series in which I share my entire content marketing strategy. Part two: How to Research and Plan Your Content for Success Part three: coming soon. Like most marketers with an intense focus on content, I have my own content strategy and process. The strategy below has helped me build a presence in some of the most competitive markets and niches, through content and...

2018, Year in Review


As is fashionable, I’m going to try and review my 2018. I find it hard to believe an entire year has flown by. Let’s see what happened. Work ubisend had a fantastic 2018. We’ve closed a couple of major contracts at the start of the year which had a great impact internally. Though my background is in marketing, I found myself running a couple of big projects from their inception...

Product-Market Fit Survey Fail: How Experts Put Us Back On Track


Edit, 09/07/18: This story blew up a little bit! Special thanks to, Tech Bound, and for featuring it in their respective newsletters. The product market fit survey is a pillar of the modern day startup. Handed down to us mere mortals by the Holy Trinity (Mark Andreessen, Sean Ellis, and Steve Blank; for you pagans out there), the ‘PMF’ survey is the standardised...

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome: My Overly Qualified Take


Before you read – 1: I wrote this from the ‘syndrome’ angle. I draw many parallels between this and a ‘real’ disease. Of course, imposter syndrome is not a serious illness. Please remember these parallels are for demonstration and rhetoric purposes. Before you read – 2: I made a joke in the title. I am funny. Thank you. Before you read – 3: Wow, your...


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